Green Leaf Coin

Connect with Farmers Develop, Grow & do Business Use A.I. Analytics Fight Climate Change Save Resources Verify your Impact Create Economic Identity Profit from your Data Earn Coins Create a Sustainable World Enable Blockchain Technology

Our Platform Leaf-MyGrow is Evolving,

Blockchain made it possible to build networks and infrastructure based on verification rather than trust. Leaf AI fully supports that vision and we are trying to use the best of it. Continuous developing and engaging with subject matter helped us to understand and develop a new vision. Check out our detailed version for our Blockchain concept.

Each measured data is rewarded in Green Leaf Coins

1. Coin Rewards Program

We think, owning and controlling your data is going to be an inevitable and necessary step in the future. Therefore, we have decided to pay each owner of a Leaf AI sensor product in Green Leafs. Every verified data set provided helps to improve the network and is valuable.

What is the Green Leaf Coin?

The Green Leafs are the fuel or so called network token. They enable you to pay, vote or use services on our platform Leaf-MyGrow.

2. Reseller & Ambassadors

If you know customers for sensor products or want to fully commit to Leaf AI's mission. We have the fitting option for you. Become a reseller or ambassador and profit with everyone on the way to a more sustainable world. As a reseller you represent Leaf AI and our mission, while earning a commission for selling the products. As an ambassador you help verifying the network processes and grow the network of developing farmers and people around the world. Help them get hooked up to our platform and services while creating economic identity.

[What is economic identity? Proposal p5/ 7.-iii.]

3. Analyzing and Optimizing Data

Gathering important information about our environment is only one part of the equation. The other one is about asking, What does it tell me? And how can I improve?

Leaf AI's answer is quiet simple but has a big vision. Since we are community focused we want to bring everybody together and get them involved. Everyone who puts in the work should profit. Whether someone helps a farmer who needs optimization and predictions models of his agricultural-data or just someone who seaks help for his startup or business problem. Help each other out, develop and create solutions to earn more Green Leafs.

Equipment Producer benefit from connecting to Leaf-MyGrow

4. Hop on with your device

One of Leaf AI's goals is to offer a solution to an autonomously running farm that is sustainable, self-sufficient and constantly learning. Therefore we need all parameters of the environment in readable data. We think, it can only be achieved with the help of innovative projects, startups and services. So, if your solution for a proposed problem works, you will earn Green Leafs and join the network's portfolio. We give everyone the opportunity to hop on with their devices and features to be able to help save resources, work efficiently and help others develop.

Innovative Features & Services enabled through Blockchain technology

5. Adopting a Product

You are not a farmer nor an expert, but you still want to contribute to Leaf AI's vision? No problem! Just adopt one of the sensor products, choose a farmer in a developing country and join our coin rewards program. Support them becoming more sustainable, safe resources or do business with them. Be able to feel , taste and verify the impact of your actions. Together we can make the world a more beautiful place.

Our Roadmap

May 2022

Building Community & Fundamentals

  1. Hosting  Green Leaf Coin – Blockchain community events and webinars
  2. Creating working groups at different colleges like TU-Rosenheim, TU-Hohenheim and TU-Berlin
  3. Reopening the company LeafAI and entering the agri-market and blockchain world in Dubai / Saudi Arabia
  4. Doing PR and visiting events presenting our products and vision (CardanoSummit 22, Cultiva, CannaTrade, Agraria, Kartoffel Messe)


May 2022
May 2023

Getting ready

  1. Getting the community involved and connected to expand and grow the LeafAI team 
  2. Developing a market campaign with Naked Media Group
  3. Reaching established farmers and product investors in the Emirates to boost and financially support our proposal and vision
May 2023
September 2023

Getting ready

  1. GreenLeafCoin development: Payment for data acquisition and sensor adoption utility
  2. Start developing the scientific research and community platform
  3. Cardano summit 2023 Dubai
September 2023
New Years 2024

Gaining Stability & Traction

  1. Accomplishment of the scientific research and community platform
  2. Closing partnerships with NGOs and sustainable supply chains
New Years 2024
April 2024

Preparing Launch

  1. Expanding our Leaf AI ambassadors program to create oracles to guide farmers and get them connected
  2. Getting first small farmers of developing countries onto our platform


April 2024
August 2024

More to Come

Leaf AI has a complex vision and many things in mind on how to improve the world.
Therefore, we are going to take our time to explain everything to you in detail while building it. Also, we are creating dedicated information channels for each topic to keep you on board and updated.
We are really excited to tell you more about our mission and vision and are happy to invite you to this journey. New partnerships, development statuses, achievements or further infos are being happily published along the way. 

August 2024

Green Leaf Coin Supply & Distribution

Maximal Supply: GLCs

Decentralized Coin Rewards Program
Decentralized Innovation/ Development Fund
Leaf AI Team
Operation Fund

Green Leaf Coin ICO

Phase 1

0,003 per GreenLeafCoin
  • Allowed currency:
  • 175 Mio. GLCs available

Phase 2

0,006 per GreenLeafCoin
  • Not started yet

Phase 3

0,01 per GreenLeafCoin
  • Not started yet

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